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Restless Nights Robbing You and Your Dog of Sleep?

No More Pacing Back and Forth at Night: Give Both You and Your Dog the Sleep You Deserve.
Poochwell melatonin for dogs. Sleep aid

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Improve Sleep Patterns

Anxiety & Stress Relief*

Adrenal Health Support

Is your dog suffering from restless nights?

You know that sinking feeling you get when you hear your dog pacing the floor only to find him with his eyes wide open with anxiety? Discover the answer to your pet’s sleepless nights with Poochwell Melatonin Drops and give your pet the peaceful nights and joyful days your pooch deserves.

Here's why Poochwell Melatonin Drops aren't just another dog product:

Tired of those nasty-smelling dog treats? A Sleep solution has never been this tail-waggingly delicious! Infused with genuine chicken flavor, our melatonin drops don’t just aid sleep – they make it a mouthwatering experience and a treat your dog will eagerly anticipate.

Beyond just regulating sleep and being an effective sleep aid. melatonin serves as a natural remedy for dog anxiety, especially during stress-inducing events like thunderstorms and events with fireworks.

 It possesses antioxidant properties to combat oxidative stress.

If past melatonin products didn’t yield results for your pooch, it’s likely because they didn’t contain the melatonin levels they advertised. 

Poochwell products undergo rigorous 3rd Party Lab testing to ensure safety and purity so you can give your dog precision dosing.

Each bottle that leaves our facility features a QR code sticker, directing you straight to a lab report from SC Labs—a nationally accredited 3rd party lab.

This report provides detailed information about the melatonin potency, free from any present microtoxins, and heavy metals, guaranteeing your pet receives the safest melatonin product available on the market. 

Poochwell melatonin drops are a testament to pure and straightforward formulation.

Free from any additives or fillers, our drops contain only melatonin free from harmful xylitol, complemented by natural chicken flavoring and vegetable oil for a wholesome and effective experience for your pet.

Poochwell Melatonin Drops are expertly formulated to deliver optimal efficacy for your four-legged friend.

Infused with the perfect balance of ingredients, our drops have been extensively trialed and loved by countless pooches for promoting calmness and a restful night’s sleep.

Trust in Poochwell’s dedication to quality and see the tangible difference it makes in helping your pooch achieve peaceful slumbers.

Pop open your bottle of Poochwell melatonin drops and dive right in – there’s a 100% “bottom of the bottle” money-back guarantee waiting for you!

That’s right! Let your pooch try every last drop, and if those nighttime niggles don’t drift away, just give us a shout or ping us an email.

We’ll whisk back every penny to you, no questions asked.

Why? Because we believe, down to our furry tails, that Poochwell melatonin drops are the dreamy answer your pup’s been searching for!

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Poochwell - Your Dogs Sleeping Ally

Customers love Poochwell Melatonin calming oil for sleep
Promotes Healthy Sleep Cycles | Hair Growth | Adrenal Support

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Unveiling the Science: Melatonin and Your Pet's Sleep.

While your pooch naturally produces melatonin, external factors such as age, stress, and health conditions can deplete levels, leading to restless nights for both you and your pet.

Poochwell Melatonin for dogs steps in as a solution, addressing these imbalances with accurate dosage that is free from any micro-toxins, heavy metals, and harmful chemicals so you can provide your furry companion with the support they need to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep and improved well-being.

Why melatonin for dogs - Man getting restful sleep with his dog.

How To Use Poochwell Melatonin

Most brands just hand you a bottle and say, “Give a full dropper to Charlie!” But here’s a scoop: 

Not all fur-buddies tip the scale the same, and too much or too little Melatonin can lead to tail-twisting issues! Add in the murky waters of product regulation, and you’re left guessing on how much melatonin magic is inside every dropper. 

Fear not, Poochwell’s got your back (and your dog’s nap)! With our passion for purity and batch testing, you’ll be in the know about the precise Melatonin your fur buddy gets.

Suitable for all dog breeds.

Recommended for dogs above 12 weeks.

Administer before bed time.

Your pup should start feeling the effects within 15 minutes.

Keep it cool.

Keep the amber dropper bottle in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Keep it safe.

Consult with your veterinarian to see if Melatonin is right for your dogs.

Giving Your Pooch The Proper Dosage:

Less than 12 Lbs - 1/4 dropper
13- 25 Lbs - 1/2 dropper
26- 100 Lbs - 1 dropper
101 Lbs plus - 1-2 droppers
3 - 6 mg

Why Poochwell Melatonin Drops
Are The Best Sleep Aid For Your Fur-Bud.

Targeted Relief

Expertly crafted for targeted relief, Poochwell Melatonin Drops address sleep disturbances, anxiety, and adrenal gland imbalances with precision dosing.

Easy Application

Simply administer orally or mix with your dogs favorite food. Our chicken flavored savory treat is something they'll look forward to, tapping into their inherent love for meaty delights.

Effective & Fast Acting

Within just 15 minutes, witness the tranquility and comfort enveloping your dog, finally receiving the rest you both deserve.

Poochwell melatonin 3 bottles

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What's In the Bottle?

Dive into the advanced formulation of Poochwell’s Melatonin Drops, where innovative science meets pet wellness. Central to our blend is the Poochwell TriBoost technology Melatonin – a synthetic variant that’s crafted for unmatched purity and efficacy.

Contrary to melatonin sourced from animal pineal glands, which can carry potential contaminants and inconsistencies, our TriBoost technology prioritizes safety by eliminating such risks.

This modern approach ensures that each drop is free of biological hazards commonly linked with naturally extracted melatonin. With Poochwell, you’re not just choosing melatonin; you’re choosing the pinnacle of modern, safe, and consistent pet care.

Arrives in 3-5 Days | 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

What's in Poochwell Melatonin for Dogs?

Manufacturing You Can Trust!

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Manufacturing at Poochwell

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Crafted with Care and Precision – Every bottle of Poochwell Melatonin is proudly manufactured , bottled and packaged in the United States, adhering to the highest quality standards.

Safety is Our Main Priority.

Expertly Crafted for your fur-buddy’s Well-beingBehind every dropper of Poochwell Melatonin is a Lab Report that shows journey of love, research and development.

Poochwell melatonin for dogs and a lab technician showing the batch code and expiration.
Formulating Poochwell melatonin for dogs

A Formula Your Dog Will Absolutely Love.

Deliciously Effective – We understand that your dog’s health is paramount. That’s why we’ve formulated our Melatonin drops to be not only effective but also irresistible – a combo your dog will drool over and doze off with!

3rd Party Tested for Quality & Purity.

Uncompromising Quality Assurance – Poochwell is synonymous with transparency and quality. Our Melatonin drops undergo rigorous third-party testing to meet the highest purity and effectiveness standards.

5 Bottles of Melatonin sleep support for dogs on a stainless steel counter.

“Thank you, Poochwell. For the past week since using your product, he sleeps through the night, whereas before, he would tend to wake up randomly and pace around the house. (Always wakes me up when he does so it’s annoying!). I can finally get some rest. “

– Sarah H., Verified Poochwell customer 


See what Poochwell customers have to say...

"Say Goodbye To Restless Nights for both you and your dog with Poochwell"


Poochwell Melatonin Drops For Dogs


130 reviews

Get The Rest Your Pooch Deserves Today.

Give your furry friend the restful night they’ve been dreaming of. Administer just one serving 30 minutes before lights out, and let the power of Poochwell Melatonin work its magic.

Every purchase packs a punch with a 60ml bottle brimming with chicken flavor your pooch will love and anticipate. And here’s our paw-promise: if for any reason Poochwell Melatonin doesn’t meet your expectations, drop us an email, and we’ll refund you in full.

No fuss, no hurdles. Ready to transform your pet’s nights? Click ‘Add to Cart’ and witness their most peaceful sleep in ages!

Try Poochwell Pet melatonin for dogs for 60 days, and if you don’t see results, we’ll gladly refund your full purchase. 

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Poochwell's Triple Guarantee!

1: Satisfaction Guarantee- We’re confident you and your furry friend will love the results. If you’re not satisfied within 60 days, we’ll refund your purchase – no questions asked.

2: Quality You Can Trust- Rest easy knowing that Poochwell Melatonin is backed by ISO17025:2017 Accreditation SC Labs rigorous lab testing that meets the highest GMP manufacturing standards.

3: Safe for Your Pet- Our melatonin formula is xylitol-free and designed with your pet’s safety in mind. Give your pet the best without worrying about harmful ingredients.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

“I was skeptical about trying melatonin for dogs, but Poochwell’s melatonin really did the trick. Our pup’s sleep has improved, and he seems more at ease overall. Thumbs up!”

– Samantha P., Verified Poochwell customer 

Frequently Asked Questions

Melatonin can serve as an excellent addition to your dog’s wellness regimen. Known for its sedative properties, melatonin is highly effective in soothing and calming dogs exhibiting signs of anxiety. It can uplift your pet’s mood and alleviate anxiety-related issues, such as hyperactivity, restlessness, separation anxiety, and various phobias, such as fear of loud noises.

Administering melatonin to your dog in anticipation of stressful situations, such as a thunderstorm, fireworks, or times when you’re not home, can aid in reducing their stress levels, encouraging relaxation, and promoting sound sleep. Moreover, melatonin can be particularly beneficial for older dogs experiencing insomnia, as it can assist in regulating their sleep cycle.

Interestingly, melatonin also possesses the ability to alleviate some symptoms of mild Cushing’s disease, a condition that triggers hormonal imbalance in dogs. Lastly, due to its capacity to promote hair growth, melatonin is an optimal supplement for dogs suffering from alopecia. This makes melatonin not only a great choice for your dog’s emotional wellbeing, but also for its physical health.

Melatonin, when administered correctly, is generally safe for dogs. However, as with any supplement or medication, it’s advisable to consult with your veterinarian prior to introducing it into your pet’s regimen. It’s recommended to avoid providing melatonin to pregnant dogs and puppies younger than 12 weeks. In your consultation with your vet, ensure to discuss the appropriate dosage suitable for your dog’s size and condition.

*FDA Disclosure: The statements regarding these products have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, consult your health physician or veterinarian before use. The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires placement of this notice.

Melatonin for Dogs - 2 oz

Active Ingredients per 1mL



Inactive Ingredients
Vegetable Oil, deionized water, natural chicken flavoring

 Xylitol Free – Designed with your pet’s safety in mind. Give your pet the best without worrying about harmful ingredients.