About CBD For Dogs

To the dog owner that genuinely cares and wants to learn more about CBD oil for dogs,

CBD oil is a natural remedy that is becoming increasingly popular among dog owners due to its potential benefits, such as calming effects during stressful situations and anti-inflammatory properties that can alleviate discomforts. 

Our Goal

Poochwell is not only here for your dog, but also for you. Our goal is to help educate you on the subject of CBD for pets – so you can be the most informed dog dad (or mom) your pup could ever ask for.

The Problem with CBD for Dogs

There is a lot of mystique baked into natural remedies for both humans and dogs. When it comes to CBD, there’s a perpetual stream of misinformation, fear-mongering and false promises – and we’re dog tired of it.

Our Resource

We kindly ask you to think of our website, our blog and our email newsletter as a resource to help you become the best friend your pet could possibly have.

Trustworthy Guidance

What if you could rely on a trusted resource to guide you from day one of your dog’s natural health journey? 

At Poochwell, it’s our goal to earn that trust and provide you with the best possible choices.

Benefits of Cannabinoids for Dogs

It is widely acknowledged that cannabinoids have a calming effect on dogs, particularly during stressful situations. That’s not news to most people who have done more than 5 minutes of research. 

However, new research is uncovering additional benefits – particularly in novel cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, CBN, terpenes, etc.

How to Find the Most Effective CBD for Dogs

In order to find the most effective CBD for dogs, you should specifically seek out premium broad spectrum CBD oil extracts that only contain trace levels of Delta-9 THC. Too much of this cannabinoid will cause stomach issues. 

At a trace level, you can still access the naturally occurring minor cannabinoids without worrying about any psychoactive effects. Our CBD is CO2-extracted from hemp grown in Colorado. This hemp is strictly compliant with the 2018 farm bill that prioritizes growing hemp without pesticides or additives that decrease the functionality of CBD extracts.

Issues with the CBD Industry

In our eyes, the CBD industry is in the doghouse. 

Too many brands overpromise and underdeliver. We personally believe that has a lot to do with 3 subjects – lack of experience, poor extraction technology, and disreputable brand values. 

We started Poochwell because we have credible industry expertise, a healthier extraction process, and have a genuinely altruistic approach towards all pets. Not to mention, we work like dogs to make sure our company ALWAYS over-delivers.

The Solution: Poochwell CBD for Dogs

What if you could see your dog act cool, calm and collected when the doorbell rings? 

What if they didn’t howl every time you left the house for more than 20 minutes? 

It’s not a fantasy – and it doesn’t require a dog-whisperer. It only requires Poochwell CBD for Dogs. Make a meaningful difference in your dog’s life – and your own.


With warm and sincere thanks,
Rene G.