The Poochwell Way

We’re a Team of Scientists and Specialists that Believe in First Class Experiences for Dogs.

We sell products to people whose dogs sleep in their bed. Dog-owners everywhere who spoil their pups trust Poochwell to deliver the best Melatonin oil possible. They know that we care – and they know
that we’ll never sacrifice quality for quantity.

Welcome to Poochwell. Taking care of your dog has never been easier.

Connections mean something...

A Closer Connection with Your Dog – That’s the Best Treat of All.

We set out to make the absolute best Melatonin infused products with zero contaminants and a perfect dosage approach. 

In doing so, we created a solution that actually helps relieve your dog’s issues – helping them become healthier, happier versions of themselves. 

Our team wants to allow you to take natural control of your dog’s wellness. To us, that’s love.

Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar for Our Dogs – And Yours

We felt something was deeply flawed about the better sleep for Dogs industry. 

Companies seem more concerned with selecting filler ingredients that prop up their balance statement, not their mission statement.

Poochwell believes in only the good stuff – with none of
the fillers, contaminants, pesticides and additives that
give this industry a bad name. 

We create simple, functional sleep supplements for dogs and our lab tests prove it.

Caring About Your Dog – That’s Something we Have in Common

Poochwell was established by professionals with more than five years experience in the CBD industry. 

We’ve started multiple successful ventures ourselves but when searching for a simple sleep supplement for our own dogs, we couldn’t find a brand we really trusted. Sure there were treats but even those had a laundry list of ingredients that a5 year old couldn’t pronounce. We wanted something simple and effective that we would be comfortable giving our dogs. 

That’s the honest origin story of Poochwell – to prioritize the well-being of dogs everywhere.

Dog resting after taking poochwell melatonin for dogs