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Your Dog's Sleeping Ally.

Introducing Poochwell melatonin: A calming solution for your dogs sleep woes.


Why melatonin for dogs - Man getting restful sleep with his dog.
Poochwell Melatonin for Dogs

Your Dog deserves nothing but the Best

Pet Safe Melatonin

We strictly use 100% locally and or sustainably sourced ingredients.

Peace of Mind

Poochwell Melatonin helps your dog manage nervousness, anxiety all while forming better sleep patterns.

Functional Relief

Dogs depend on us to make the right choices. If they’re easily distressed, it’s our job to help.

Our Mission

To Enhance Your Dog's Well-being with Melatonin: They Care for You, Return the Favor!

At Poochwell, we’ve crafted intentional sleep and calming drops that actually respect your dog (and the Earth, too). In every drop – it’s nothing but the good stuff.

Simple Premium Ingredients

Dog safe melatonin that works to provide your dog exactly what they need – exactly when they need it.

Research Backed Formulas

That's why we've formulated our Melatonin drops to be not only effective but also irresistibly tasty to your canine companion.

Lab Tested for Safety & Verified Potency

The Proper dosing is the key in creating an effective product that enhances your dogs well being.

60 Day Love it Guarantee

If your dog is not paw sitively satisfied with Poochwell, we’ll give you your money back. It’s a tail wagging guarantee.

# Simple ingredients for your dog to have great sleep

Melatonin that hits the Spots

It's the Poochwell advantage


Manufactured in the USA

Crafted with Care and Precision

Extensive R&D

Expertly Crafted for your Canines Well-being

No Additives or Preservatives

No Pesticides. Heavy metal free. Vegan. Gluten-Free.

3rd Party Tested

Uncompromising Quality Assurance

More than a tall tail

The Right Way to Treat Them.

Melatonin really works – but the harsh truth of our industry is that many competitors value cost and speed over quality production. They value their balance statement over their mission statement.

At Poochwell, we will always say no to solvents and chemicals. Why? It’s simple – we care about your dog.

Customers love Poochwell Melatonin calming oil for sleep

Calm nights await...

Melatonin: Your Dog's Daily Dose of Calm

It’s common knowledge that melatonin calms dogs during stressful situations – like fireworks, thunderstorms and trips to the vet. 

However, studies also show that it’s the perfect sleep aid, addresses anxiety, adrenal gland imbalances, and even promotes lush hair growth in dogs with non-allergic hair loss. 

Ingredients in Harmony

Tri-Boost Emulsyfying Technology

Deliciously Effective – We understand that your dog’s health is paramount. That’s why we’ve formulated our Melatonin drops to be not only effective but also irresistible to your canine companion with 3 simple ingredients: Melatonin, Vegetable Oil & Natural Chicken Flavoring. 

Only The Doggone Best

A 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

We’re so confident that you and your dog or puppy will love our rich Melatonin, that if you finish the bottle within the 60 days and you feel it’s not for you, we will honor the Money Back Guarantee. Simply email us at support@poochwell.com or call 1-800-Pooch12

Dogs love Poochwell

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